“We are developing a generation of informed and confident young philanthropists.”

Ten at a Time is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by the Miller family in 2014, in Georgetown, Texas. The mission of Ten at a Time is simple, Do Good, Ten at a Time. The concept is also simple. Ten teens meet once a month for 10 months of the year, each bringing $10 of our own money – not our parents’ money. This is money we have earned or received as gifts. We pool the money together, making $100, and give it all to one person. That teen now has one month to use our collective $100 to do good in the world by researching needs both in our own community and around the world. That one teen is empowered to choose an organization/cause that they believe will benefit from our collective $100 donation. At the next monthly meeting, the teen who donated our $100 reports back to the group about his experience and how he used the money. Everyone pitches in another $10, and we do it all again.

“We love the independence in deciding where our money goes, and the real surprise is how much we have learned.”

Being a part of Ten at a Time has been an eye-opening experience for us. The kids in our group research the challenges other people face in the world, and then come back to our meetings and tell us what they have learned and how they used our money to help. Through this process, each of us are continuing to grow in our awareness of the needs people have and we can continue to be a part of the solution.
When we started this organization in 2014, our original goal was to allow each of us to experience what it felt like to help someone in need and to celebrate the accomplishment of being part of a group that gave away $1,000. We met that goal and had so much fun doing it that we now want to share our experience with as many teens as possible. Ten at a Time has just kicked off our 4th year of giving and we now have 4 chapters of 10 kids each – that’s 40 teens learning, giving and creating awareness. To date, Ten at a Time has collectively donated over $4,300 of our own money to almost 40 different organizations and people in need around the world. By May 2018 those numbers will double to over $8,000 donated to 80 organizations.
 Ten at a Time has turned into an incredible growth opportunity for each of us. We are each given the opportunity to do better, be kinder and most importantly live more aware of what’s going on both in our own communities and around the world. Being a member of Ten at a Time gives us a venue that empowers us to research the needs people have, make important financial choices, be accountable for our choice and then present to our peers in a leadership capacity.