“Because of Ten at a Time, I have a new understanding of the world I live in. Of course, I want to be kind, but Ten at a Time has given me a venue to learn and act on it.”

Ten at a Time has a simple mission, Do Good, Ten at a Time. This organization started as a little idea that a few boys could find a way to do philanthropic work while also having fun with their friends. That idea has grown into having a huge impact on teens, parents, and communities.
Ten at a Time recently kicked off their 7th year of learning, giving, and creating awareness. Today, Ten at a Time has 10 chapters totaling 100 members of both boys and girls. By May 2021, these teens will have invested $38,000 into hundreds of organizations and causes around the world, by simply pooling together $10 each month.
One of the things that makes Ten at a Time impactful is that the teens research and teach each other about the critical issues facing people and communities around the world. Then they decide how to best use their pooled money to help improve the lives of others. These teens have taught each other about important issues like cancer research, human trafficking, clean water programs, birth defects, physical and mental disabilities, suicide prevention, world hunger, orphans and adoption, drug addiction, deforestation, support dogs, homelessness, Alzheimer’s, natural disaster relief…the list is endless.