Gratitude & Praise


Thank you to every single person out there who has believed in us and supported us in both large and small ways…especially the organizations who opened your door to us and taught us about how you are impacting the world and improving the lives of others. We are discovering that the world is full of kind and generous people – thank you for your example.
  • Rebecca Powers, Impact Austin
  • Joel Coffman, Recognize Good
  • Josh Schroeder, Attorney
  • Suzy Pukys, Georgetown Health Foundation
  • Leslie Janc, The Georgetown Project
  • Karen Crosby, The Locker
  • Bob Novella, Wilco Institute
  • Tiffany White, Georgetown View
  • Ryon Gross, Local Leap Marketing


Here’s what people are saying about Ten at a Time!
“I want you to know how proud I am of you and your group. It was my joy to meet all of you and share The Locker with you. I am honored that you chose our group to donate your hard earned money to. You are all what I dream of every day…kids helping kids. Be assured that I will follow Ten at a Time and all of the amazing things I know you will be a part of! You are difference makers!”  – Karen Crosby, Founder. The Locker
“One of my favorite things about Ten at a Time is that each boy gets to choose who and where the money goes. They do research to decide on where to give the money. They often get to make their donation in person and get to hear more about how the money will help others. I’m so glad Ryan gets to be a part of something so cool.”  – Rachelle Wall
“Thank you for inspiring my sons. They are better people because of Ten at a Time.” – Kim McMahon
“We are so impressed with Ten at a Time and what it represents. To see the compassion you boys have for others is truly heartwarming and your vision for growth is commendable. ” – Scott & Sharon Miller
“What you are doing is very cool. Having a real impact and enabling the generosity of young men is such a cool thing.” – Allen Sockwell
“Ten at a Time sounds like a really great group of boys. I can’t tell you how much your story touched my heart. It’s such a simple idea, but with so many amazing outcomes, not the least of which is getting into a habit of giving back from a young age. Truly inspiring!” – Joel Coffman, Recognize Good