We are a group of 10 friends that come together once a month and pool together our own money so that we can support people in need around the world. We each take a turn researching the challenges people face and we work to create awareness by sharing what we have learned.

There are no limits to how we choose to use our money to help. We have supported education, US military and veterans, victims of natural disaster, animal rescue, the hungry, the environment and children with birth defects. We have made it our mission to help feed, educate, clothe, shelter and brighten the day of people – no matter where they are from. We give to people in third world countries as well as the everyday person you might pass on the street.

We recently kicked off our 4th year of  learning, giving and creating awareness. Today, Ten at a Time has 4 chapters and by May 2018 we will have donated $8,000 to 80 organizations around the world.