My Brother’s Workshop donation

National Brain Tumor Society
October 13, 2017
Blue Santa Donation
December 24, 2017

Ten at a Time gave to My Brother’s Workshop located in the US Virgin Islands. This organization finds at-risk teens (age 16-24) that have dropped out of school, are marginally literate, and live in poverty or are homeless. Many of these teens have been involved in gang or gang related activities. My Brother’s Workshop helps these at-risk teens improve their lives by giving them a place to work, an opportunity for education, and job placement. My Brother’s Workshop has a workshop where teens can learn trade jobs like carpentry and plumbing and earn money. There is also a bakery-cafe where the teens make all the food and serve breakfast and lunch. In the last month Hurricane Irma demolished the whole island. Our Ten at a Time donation will help My Brother’s Workshop and the teens as they start to rebuild the island.