Happy Birthdays donation

Williamson Co. Beekeepers donation
May 20, 2017
Chapter 2 Launch
July 6, 2017

This month one of our members chose to give our collective $100 to Happy Birthdays. This small nonprofit in Round Rock, TX was founded by a mom named Suzanne Gladden who believes EVERY child deserves a birthday party. We talked to Ms. Suzzane and learned that her heart is full of kindness. Her goal is to provide a box full of all the goodies needed for an entire birthday party for kids and teens living in foster care or living in shelters in Central Texas. The children she serves are staying at places like Texas Baptist Children’s Home, Austin Children’s Shelter, STARRYSAFEPlace, and some are even sleeping in Rainbow Rooms located inside of Family Protective services offices. Ms. Gladden has found a way to bring a little bit of birthday joy to many of these kids. In the last couple of years her organization has delivered over 1,665 birthday boxes and the need for more keeps growing. If you want to donate a birthday goodie box of your own or make a financial donation, please check out the Happy Birthday’s website. http://sharinghappybirthdays.org/about/